Promoting Affordability: New Partnership between ALPHAEON CREDIT and RealSelf

Did you know that 47% of patients researching procedures on the RealSelf website cited “ financial/saving enough money" as one of their top two challenges? 

To help patients understand they can overcome this obstacle, ALPHAEON CREDIT partnered with RealSelf to promote financing options alongside average price quotes.  


For those unfamiliar with the site, RealSelf is the world's most trusted designation for people looking to improve their body, face, or smile.  

Patients considering a procedure or treatment often visit RealSelf as part of their research process before picking up the phone to make a consultation appointment.  On RealSelf, they can read reviews from patients who have had the procedure, view before and after pictures, receive free expert answers from physicians, and view average costs for specific procedures and treatments.

Depending on the procedure or treatment, the decision timeline from initial research to actual completion varies considerably, but it can easily exceed a year, especially for more costly procedures. However, studies have shown that the process can be shortened dramatically if a key obstacle, such as cost, has been overcome. In fact in the LASIK industry, research shows conversion-to-surgery for patients who secured financing prior to their consult, was almost guaranteed as long as they were declared a good candidate. This improved conversion ratios by almost 30%, over those who didn’t have financing secured at the time of consult.

By adding financing options next to the average price, hopefully more patients will secure their financing prior to their consult, so when they do come into your practice, you can focus on their care and not cost alone.  

If you wondering what the number one challenge was for patients, it was finding the right doctor. If you haven't created your profile on RealSelf, or have one and want to promote ALPHAEON CREDIT on your page, please email to get pointed in the right direction!