You've Got Mail!

You’ve got mail!

Or at least you'll receive mail very soon! A new set of ALPHAEON CREDIT brochures and credit card agreements are heading your way. 

Every time the Federal Reserve changes the federal funds rate (the interest rate commercial banks charge each other for overnight lending) the U.S. Prime Rate is adjusted. Since the U.S. Prime Rate is used to calculate the patient's APR for the ALPHAEON CREDIT card, every time the U.S. Prime Rate is adjusted, the APR listed on our brochures and credit card agreements must also be adjusted.  

As the reprinting and shipping of new materials every six months can be wasteful, we have asked our bank to move to a fixed rate instead of a variable rate based upon the U.S. Prime Rate. So, the next time we ship you a new set of brochures and ask you to destroy your old supply, it should be the last time! 

When you receive your new materials, please discard any old brochures or credit card agreements and begin using  your updated materials. If we didn't ship enough, please order more (at no charge) by visiting