Can you solve this riddle?


Two twins, Tony and Seymour, are identical in every way, even down to their credit scores and profiles. Tony walks into Practice A and applies for ALPHAEON...and is not approved. Seymour walks into Practice B and applies for ALPHAEON...and is approved. How is this possible?

The difference is not in WHO applied, but HOW they applied.

Tony applied on his own at (or through the practice's weblink which goes to this site). 

Seymour, on the other hand, applied with his physician's staff through their ALPHAEON (Comenity Business Center) dashboard. 

Since the twins' credit scores, profiles, and applications are identical, most practices assume the response will be the same regardless of how the patient applies. However, this is not the case.

Here's why:

When a practice applies on behalf of a patient through their practice dashboard, they are required to check a patient's ID. Since an ID has been verified, the bank's fraud risk is reduced, so there is a better chance of these patients being approved. 

We believe our approval rates are the strongest in the industry whether the patient applies in the office or at home. However, most risk models for patient finance companies favor the in-practice applicant. Applying in your office for the patient will give you the best chance for someone with average credit to be approved.

Ready to start applying for patients, but worried it might wreak havoc on your consult schedule?

No need to worry.  Applying for patients is actually quick and easy. Plus, practices who apply on behalf of their patients often report that patients schedule immediately when financing is secured, saving time on follow up after the consult to see if the patient was approved. 

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