Patient Financing Reviews

Alphaeon credit is an asset to our patients and our practice. The financing options make our patients dreams a reality while increasing revenue for our practice. It is a win - win opportunity!
— Lisa Londy, Assistant Manager - Plastic Surgery
High approval rates and credit limits. The dashboard is extremely easy to use.
— Mandy Parks, Practice Administrator - Plastic Surgery
Many of our patients are using Alphaeon Credit and are very pleased with their customer service. This is our Go-To when we have patients that are interested in financing options.
— Cynthia Matossian, MD - Ophthalmology
Fantastic financing option for all of our patients. Easy to use and very high approval amounts.
— Phil Sonderman, MD - Plastic Surgery
Much better than other companies that we have used.
— Melissa Jensen, Patient Coordinator - Plastic Surgery
The day Alphaeon Credit was launched we had 3 applications APPROVED which allowed our patients (that were declined by another company) to move forward with the procedure they thought they couldn’t have and allowed our practice to increase our revenue by $15,000.00 in one day. Since then we’ve never looked back; Alphaeon Credit is the only patient health care financing we offer our patients to this day.
— Angel Seymour, Practice Administrator - Ophthalmology
We love Alphaeon Credit and so do our patients!
— Aimee Cabrajac, Administrative Assistant - Plastic Surgery
We have been using AC since was first introduced. Great addition to the practice. Higher approval rate and larger amounts.
— Daniel Durrie, MD - Ophthalmology
Comes through for our patients when other financing options will not work.
— Stephanie Adams, Surgical Technologist - Plastic Surgery
Great product and wonderful team to work with.
— Hope Meeks, Patient Services Coordinator/Retail Coordinator - Plastic Surgery
Our patients love this credit program! Very easy to use for us and them!
— Abby Lupo, Patient Services Coordinator - Dermatology
We have had such a positive experience with Alphaeon Credit! Has basically become our sole resource for cosmetic financing.
— Michael Brucker, MD - Plastic Surgery
LOVE Alphaeon Credit!! We offer it to all of our patients and have been so pleased with it! SO simple to apply and process transactions and rates are very competitive!
— Rachelle Gallardo, Office Manager - Plastic Surgery
Our patients appreciate the quick and easy on-line application process. With the wide variety of financing options available through Alphaeon, patients can truly find a plan that works with their budget. More and more of our patients are turning to their Alphaeon card as an excellent payment option for their non-surgical services too.
— Kathleen Grabarski, Physician Assistant - Plastic Surgery
Alphaeon Credit is the next generation plan and more practices should take advantage of this financial program for their office. It offers higher credit limits to patients and more importantly allows them to not only finance surgery but offers them the opportunity to finance laser packages and skin care products which can also be higher ticket items. It is user friendly and much easier to access than other platforms. Finding out approval takes minutes and is very functional and accessible for high volume practices. This is a must have!!! So happy to be able to offer patients this alternative at our practice.
— Brooke Stevenson, Body Contouring Expert - Plastic Surgery
Our patients have given us great feedback about the ease in how to apply for Alphaeon Credit online, as well as, the promotional rates.
— Maria Izquierdo, Patient Coordinator - Plastic Surgery
Like with most any company, the most important thing is the people. The Alphaeon Credit team is incredible. They have been in this space for a long time and know their business. They understand the value of a credible company and won’t let this be commoditized. High approval rates, fair terms and very small penalty for late payment unlike most others. They care about the patient and the physician. I am very thankful for Alphaeon Credit entering this space.
— Peter Sneed, MD - Oculoplastic Surgery
Alphaeon credit helps take our refractive and refractive cataract surgery conversions to a new high level.
— Mitch Jackson, MD - Ophthalmology
We love Alphaeon credit. Very user friendly and easy to get approved.
— Loyda Camacho, Office Manager - Dermatology
We have been very pleased with Alphaeon Credit. Our patients have found the application process easy to use and the approval rating is good.
— Colleen Barrett, Office Manager - Plastic Surgery
We have found Alphaeon Credit to be very user friendly. A welcomed addition to our offerings for optimal patient experience.
— Jerry O'Daniel, MD - Plastic Surgery
Easy for our office to use and very customer-friendly.
— Lawrence Colen, MD - Plastic Surgery
We are only promoting Alphaeon Credit for new patients in need of financing in our practice. Higher rates of approval and more lending have allowed more patients to pursue their surgical, injectable, and Sculpt 360 plans successfully. Value add to both practice and patients!
— Kim Ragone, BSN, RN, CPSN, Director of Injectables & Skincare - Plastic Surgery
Wonderful opportunity for patients and very easy to work with.
— Amy Eason, Billing Manager - Ophthalmology
Alphaeon credit is an excellent addition to my practice. The implementation has been simple and seamless for my office staff. My patients have had an easy time applying and obtaining financing. The support staff is excellent and readily available to my staff anytime they have had any questions. Highly recommend.
— Jacob Steiger, MD - Plastic Surgery
Alphaeon Credit is all I use in my practice. My staff loves its ease of use. My patients love the terms and approval rates. It is the best product out there!
— Anthony Kameen, MD - Ophthalmology
Fast and easy approvals on a higher percentage of patients. What’s not to love?
— Brock Magruder, MD - Ophthalmology
Great team, great customer service and helps our patients finance procedures easily.
— Jeffrey Fromowitz, MD - Dermatology
Great product offering to our patients. Easy and effective.
— Mark Pinsky, MD - Plastic Surgery
Our patients love this credit program! Very easy to use for us and them!
— Mary Lupo, MD - Dermatology
The only type of credit I offer in my practice. It has been accepted very well by the patients that have used it.
— Thomas Tzikas, MD - Plastic Surgery
Great experience for patients and my staff.
— Gary Foster, MD - Ophthalmology
Great approval rates and plans. Patients are very happy. I’m very happy.
— Frank Agullo, MD - Plastic Surgery