Before looking at your own practice, it is always a good idea to take some time to evaluate your competition first. Check out other practice's website and make a few calls to see how they are differentiating and branding themselves today. With this information in hand, you are better equipped to see where you might need to adjust your message in order to set your practice apart from others. 

Use the following checklist to identify patient touch points that might need to be refreshed...


YES     NO         Is the information current and fresh? 

YES     NO         Is the doctor's photo current? You want it within a few years, not decades. ;)

YES     NO         Are the doctor(s) credentials and number of procedures performed current?

YES     NO         Are there new procedures or services not listed?

YES     NO         Are your differentiators clearly evident?

YES     NO         Is there a CTA (call-to-action) on every page? Most practices use call for a consult...

YES     NO         Does your messaging change with the seasons?

YES     NO         Do all links still work?

YES     NO         Is there a page dedicated to patient financing options? Does it include all current options?

If not, be sure to click here to download ALPHAEON links, copy, and banners. The password is ACSecure



YES     NO         Are you monitoring daily?

YES     NO         Are your posts/tweets current and fresh? Are you posting at least weekly?

YES     NO         Does your messaging change with the seasons?

Need some post and tweet inspiration? Click here. The password is ACSecure


YES     NO         Have you called/shopped your own practice? Ideally, within the last three months. 

YES     NO         Are the phones answered immediately? Within 2 rings? 

YES     NO         If you are using a tree, is the navigation short and is there an opt-out to an operator?

YES     NO         Is the staff pleasant and friendly?

If you'd like a FREE assessment of your practice's telephone skills, check out or call them directly at 1-941-893-2400.