Three Times, Three Ways

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In surveys, patients were asked if they were aware of financing options.

Amazingly, many patients said "no" even when there was irrefutable proof via recorded calls, pre-prepared patient packet inserts, emails, and witnesses to consult conversations.

Why? The answer is simple.

They were distracted. Even though the practices shared information, they didn't absorb it. Often patients have many questions during a call or consult and focus on what they are going to say or ask next, versus the shared details.

That is why we always promote the "Three Times, Three Ways" method. If you want the patient to understand the procedure is affordable, you must present financing options, "Three Times, Three Ways."

The easiest way to accomplish this, is to focus on the senses. Let them hear, see, and feel the options. 

Hearing is easy. Repeatedly verbalize your financing options to the patient, especially anytime price is mentioned. 

For sight and touch, rely on ALPHAEON marketing materials to do the work for you. Place the brochures and brochure holders throughout the office in your waiting room, checkin/out locations, consult rooms/stations, and exam lanes so patients can touch and feel the brochures. Use the ALPHAEON tabletop signs to visually remind patients of the options as well. These can be placed in areas that are seen by patients, but not necessarily within arms reach like a bookshelf or credenza in a consult room. 

As always, all materials are free, so order as many as you'd like and help more patients walk away knowing they have financing options with your practice!

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PS: If you have ever thought, "I wish ALPHAEON had a (insert name of amazing marketing tool)," we want to hear your suggestion and create it! Please email with any idea no matter how "out-there" you think it is! The more we can promote affordability, the more patients we can help together.





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