My doctor’s office accepted care credit and Alphaeon. My credit is in the rebuilding stage so not very good. I felt hopeless and thought I may have to use my credit cards or just save more money or maybe forget it totally.

My TU and EQ are around 600 and Experian is 626 ( FICO 628).

Care Credit approved me for only $1,000 which I was more than happy to get given my low score plus semi-recent collections that I settled.

I was looking for a cosmetic procedure totaling $5500.

My doctor pressed me to apply for Alphaeon, but with the low approval from care credit, I felt like it was pointless.

I heard care credit was the most lenient! I was denied totally with prosper, avant, among, United medical, lending club, lending tree, and my own credit union.

Right before I went to the doctor for a consult, I logged on to Alphaeon and applied real fast - it doesn’t affect credit score so I figured what the heck. Whatever.

I applied and within seconds a notice came on the screen and said Congratulations! You’re approved for $6,000!!!

This may be dramatic, but I started crying on the spot. I could not believe it. I’ve been painstakingly trying to repair my credit for years and to be approved was a small victory to let me know my work has not been for naught . It seemed like every loan company had denied me and Alphaeon has given me a chance

I have more than sufficient income to pay off my loan before the end of promotional period. It’s a perfect repay plan. The options are legitimate and fair.

Plus once it’s paid, I’ll have the account available for any future needs. I won’t forget how Alphaeon gave me this chance.

My whole life has is changing due to this surgery and I owe Alphaeon credit for helping me cover costs.

Alphaeon took my equifax score which was 604 at the time and approved me. My income was $90,0000 then .
— Akagal33 - Credit Karma Review